Student facilities


Stuvo is your buddy for a successful college life! The department for student counselling helps you with all questions regarding:

  • Financing your education
  • How to study
  • Transportation
  • Student dorms

Are you worrying or looking for someone to tell your story? Our student counsellors are waiting. It is free and everything you say is confidential!

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Student care

Tailor-made study


To give everyone an equal chance on a successful education, some students require more individual care during class, internships, or exams. For instance, extra care can be provided to professional athletes, students with learning disorders, mental or physical handicaps, artists, non-English natives, entrepreneurs, etc… Each case is individual and for each student in need of extra care receives an individual care package.

Your personal liaison is the care coordinator. He or she invites you for a brief intake interview during which you can discus what you think would benefit you most. Based on that intake conversation, a personal package is planned out, which can be altered during your time with us if needed.

The procedure and requirements to be eligible for care differ based on the situation you are in. If you want more information or if you want a personal conversation with on of our care coordinators, then please get in touch and we will take it from there!

More info: Studying with care

Student association


We are EMT, fraternity for the unit ‘Technology’ of Thomas More campus Geel. We are an active group of students who try to create an easy and laid-back atmosphere around campus.

EMT is particularly known for its well organised parties (or as we like to call them “TD’s”), but we do much more! We try to make sure our members look back at their college days with fond memories and friends for life.

We organise different activities during the year ranging from parties, cantus, drinks, sport, and cultural activities. We also support each other during the exams and when deadlines are due.

If you want to join us and join the real college life, we advise you to participate in our initiation ritual, lovingly called ‘baptism’. This however is not mandatory, but it really marks the start of your time as a student. You forge friendships for life, and you have a helping community if you have questions about your education, dorm life, etc… Also, you get acquainted with our EMT professional network of Alumni that spans multiple decades.

If you are interested in who we are, you can find more information on:

Ut vivat, crescat et floreat EMT!